Sunday, November 4, 2012

Making a difference- Freedom's Demand, Our Obligation to Future Generations!

As I do what I can to help in this most critical election of our lifetimes, just a quick note to our friends to remind you to get out and vote (and bring a few friends along with you!) this Tuesday, or, better yet, vote early if u can! (Especially if ur in critical Ohio or one of the "swing" states!)

Folks, THIS REALLY IS A CRITICAL ELECTION beyond what words can express. But the choice is really quite simple. Will we contunue as a mostly free nation which has resulted in prosperity beyond what most of the world's citizens can imagine or will we give up our freedom for vague assurances from the government to "provide all we need" in the name of "fairness"?

Will we continue as an independent people whose free and independent decisions form the backbone of our free enterprise system which has created untold wealth and opportunity for ALL our citizens or will we give up the opportunity to be free to chart our own economic destinies in favor of the "European model" which assures trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see and a crushing national debt that will sap the vitality of our country and ultimately enslave future generations?

Yes, undoubtedly there are those who believe the promises of certain government leaders that if we simply "trust them" (regardless of whether they have a history of actual success or not!), if we just give up our freedoms and independence in exchange for a government check, that all will be well with us, and that such policies will even lead to better prosperity for our country and its citizen!
To paraphrase Republican presidential candidate Mitt romney at a recent rally, "Folks, don't you believe it!"

As Ben Franklin once astutely noted, "those who trade liberty for security, will receive neither!"

So folks, get out and vote for a REAL change, or, as some have noted, a change from the change, and don't give up, for "in due time, if we sow, we shall also reap! " AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!Jp

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