Thursday, May 5, 2011

For my liberal readers who can't admit truth that 'torture' helped get Bin Laden

  I have received one too many obnoxious 'comments' from my liberal (friends?) whining about my balanced and reasoned-- if too "conservative" and personally distasteful in its conclusion-- reporting on the controversy over whether so called "enhanced interrogation techniques" were responsible for identifying the "trusted human courier" of Bin Laden's that led to the terrorist leader's hideout at a fortified private compound in Abbottabad, Pakinstan.  So finally, after enduring their attacks, (which usually consist of just insults or hysterically accusing me of "lying" without any particular evidence or refutation of my facts, name calling, "right wing" smears, you know, all the typical stuff), and now that it's become obvious-- even if all the left-leaning bloggers can't bring themselves to admitting the truth and keep posting the opposite!-- that it was in fact Bush-era 'enhanced interrogation' policies that enabled their man Obama to track down the mass murderer and leader of the Al-Qaeda terror network, (see statements of Democratic CIA Chief on msnbc, not exactly "right wing" sources), I have decided to post links to multiple sources that confirm my initial conclusions.

  The reason I decided to simply post the "evidence" if you will and let it do the talking instead of responding to the same old arguments is I am, at heart, and the ACLP is, an organization dedicated to the discussion of ideas, and more importantly, hopefully solutions for the serious policy and other problems vexing our Republic currently, (not, believe it or not, just arguing about the politics of the situation, as interesting as that may be).

  We would hope that by discussing the various pros and cons of issues affecting our nation, we might, in some small way, call attention to issues needing redress, or bring another angle to an issue that perhaps you haven't thought about.  Then, and as is the genius of our constitutional Republic our Founders so wisely bequeathed to us, the people, once informed, can properly direct their elected representatives and leaders-- are you listening Mr. President?-- on the way in which they wish to be represented on such matters with the goal of breaking through the political morass that is Washington which we hope in turn will enact pragmatic, common sense solutions for our present problems that actually work, (rather than top-down government bureaucratic solutions which history tells us don't). 

   And while we realize we may not always succeed, and that some of the issues facing our nation are vexing and complex-- and will accordingly require more systemic, long-term change-- the solutions are indeed often simple, (I said simple, not necessarily easy.  Making money in the stock market is also simple, exemplified by the dictum "buy low, sell high," but the "doing of it" is not always an "easy" thing to do in practice, especially in the short term!)   Take, for example, our huge budget deficits.  Solution?  Reduce spending, and/or raise revenue.  Simple solution, difficult in practice to do, (especially politically).  But nonetheless necessary, (at least if we are to avoid becoming a third world nation of want and anarchy).   But I digress.

  The long and short of it is, for all the above-- and other reasons, chief among them being time-- and since my liberal 'friends' are obviously so unhappy with my analysis and/or can't seem to add anything substantive or positive to the discussion, I have decided to just point out the sources supporting my conclusions directly.

   As you can see from the list, they are not all "conservative," (unless you consider MSNBC and the London Telegraph "conservative!")  Anyways... here's hopefully to better understanding... Happy clicking!

Obama CIA Chief Panetta confirms contribution of waterboarding- MSNBC 

"Intelligence gained by waterboarding" under Bush-- Chairman of Homeland Security, Congressman Peter King R-NY

Straight from the horses mouth- Donald Rumsfeld on Hannity May 3 2011 (Video

Straight from the horses mouth Part Two- Donald Rumsfeld on O'reilly Factor May 4 2011 (Video)

Proof of prevarication on Bin Laden raid facts in accounts from White House

Overview of Bin Laden capture narrative- London Telegraph

Rumsfeld says misquoted on enhanced interrogations (great links too!)

Explanation of how liberals are sowing confusion on waterboarding issue

CIA Chief Leon Panetta admits waterboarding yielded "vital" intelligence- London Telegraph

declassified docs on enhanced interrogations

Critique of New York Times biased coverage on "torture" issue

  As you can see, the support for my conclusions is fairly conclusive, in fact, overwhelming if you are honest about it, (notwithstanding all the bloggers to the contrary).  So unless this is all just some grand "conspiracy"-- wait, I thought it's only the political right that believes in conspiracies, was that really a third shooter on the grassy knoll? lol-- I'd have to say to my liberal friends that their argument isn't with me, but the truth.

  Having thus said, we are open to alternate points of view on here, which is better than you'll get at the Daily Kos or Obama's site if you happen to try posting from the "conservative" point of view.  In that regard, we welcome your disagreement with our reasoning or conclusions.  All we ask if you post here is a few basic ground rules:  1)  That you don't accuse us of lying, (this is just so pointless, as it usually is mere political-speak for you don't agree with our conclusions);  2) That you refrain from name-calling and personal insults, (or, just as bad, meaningless labels and/or talking points), AND, 3) Actually have something specific to say that will contribute to a rational discussion, (not just "that's false" or "I disagree" but WHY you disagree, with reference to facts, sources and logical argument, I know kinda elementary but you should see the comments we get!)  Otherwise your comment will get deleted. It will NOT get deleted for merely disagreeing with us or disputing the facts, (as our publishing previous dissent shows.  However, you can expect further rebuttal and/or discussion on anything you challenge, as a perusal of prior comments also shows. It might even spark a whole post if it's that thought-provoking!  But that's just Free Speech in the greatest country in the world in action :)

  Finally, for those who have taken the time to comment positively, (or even not so positively!); thanks for your feedback, (even the nasty ones let us know we're getting noticed!) and stay tuned for news on our expansion coming soon due to our increasing support and web traffic!  Your prayers and encouragement, including suggestions about how to improve the site, are, as always, much appreciated.   And if you're enjoying the site, PLEASE click buttons at bottom of articles to register your vote and/or comment, as well as use your google, yahoo or email to "follow us" so we will know you're on board (or better yet add a link to us on your own blog or social media site!)  Thanks again for being in the fight for truth and helping heal our body politic from the malaise in which it finds itself.  jp

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