Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Joseph breathes on his own, goes home for Easter!

 A quick update on the baby Joseph story, (you know, the one where a Canadian hospital with the government's blessing under their "free" socialist medicine system tried to force the removal of this baby's breathing tube and murder little Joseph who in their opinion was "futile" to provide further care to).  What's that you say?  Death panels and rationing coming to America under Obamacare? Where do you right-wingers get such ridiculous ideas?!? ;)  While you can read more about this story and our opinion about all this here, since this is supposed to be a "quick" update and not on par with our usual in-depth analysis of such issues and the broader one of potential health rationing coming soon to a country near you under Obamacare-- excuse me, the Patient "Protection" and Affordable Care Act-- you can see here our arguments which no liberal has yet to address, (not to mention disprove!).  Nor do we think they can.

  Indeed, whatever the merits of "economies of scale" that "universal care" would provide-- though as pointed out in our So what's really the problem with Obamacare? post we don't think this will make up for the increased costs of all the additional people receiving care and the inflationary pressures on care costs caused by the lack of sufficient health practitioners this will cause-- they pale in comparison to the very real threat that the old adage "he who pays the piper calls the tune" presages here. (To wit, if the government provides that care, their inability to "govern" themselves along with any incentive to "get it right" and insure proper care is given will be completely out the window far worse than is the case with even the "greediest" insurance companies now, only with no effective ability to appeal denials of care to a government who will then be in the "health biz" and be under more, not less, pressure to "cut costs" in order to justify the continued existence of the huge government program that is Obamacare).

  But the long and short of it is baby Joseph was flown home with his parents to their Ontario home after Doctors at the Cardinal Glennon Children's hospital announced the operation the Canadian system wouldn't afford him a smashing success; so smashing in fact that little Joseph is able to breath completely unaided by the ventilator which just a few short weeks ago a Canadian judge had ordered the parents to remove, (so much for the right to make one's own medical decisions in a government-mandated health care system!)

 Needless to say, and re: baby Joseph's triumph, we rejoice in this wonderful end to a tragic story that if it weren't for the "new media" of the internet and the work of Priests for Life likely never would have seen the light of day, (just like the Canadian authorities and hospital wanted for little Joseph!).

 But one final thought worth repeating before I go.  We ALL are going to die in a matter of time, (some more quickly than others, but die nonetheless).  Shouldn't the government rather be in the business of erring on the side of preserving life rather than extinguishing it just to save money?  Such a crazy idea! jp

Note:  For links of better and more comprehensive coverage of this see herehere or here.

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