Friday, March 25, 2011

Terror attacks on Israel raises stakes in Mid-east turmoil

This week Israel suffered more than 60 rocket attacks from Gaza as well as an attack on their public transportation system with killed a British national and injured scores more, (click here for more info).

The rocket attacks have been alleged by some in Israeli security and government agencies as being instigated by Iran, who has had a freer hand to sponsor such terrorism even as they have come under less scrutiny while the eyes of the world have been more focused on the Libyan and Japan crises.

In the bomb attack, it appears that a bag with explosives was left behind on a popular bus route; although members of the public had reported the bag as suspicious, it detonated before police could arrive to defuse it.

Such attacks had been reduced by up to 95% since Israel built large security walls on the borders with Gaza and the West Bank and instituted stricter border controls on who could cross the border into Israel.  However, current events have raised fears that trend was reversing as militant and terrorist groups seek to take advantage of recent unrest in Libya and the Mid-east region generally.

Only time will tell if Israel, our oldest and most reliable ally in the region, (and only reliable Democracy) will be able to protect its citizens from the rising tide of terrorist attacks and dictatorial regimes they find themselves surrounded by in this increasingly turbulent time. jp

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